This is Alan Freeman’s personal blog. It is a repository for

    • Scholarly articles, both published and unpublished

    • Videos

    • Slideshows

    • Works of note by other authors

It will also contain

    • Comments and reflections on current events, issues of interest or concern

    • Links to noteworthy sources

NOTE (13 July 2022)

This blog contains all historical material including preparatory material, drafts, presentations, and so on and is therefore large. I aim make it searchable and accessible, distinguishing between the reference version of key works, preparatory material, and presentations. At present, fromthe ‘articles’ page, you can select one or other category of article, and also search the archive

The ‘tags’ include a tag called ‘definitive’. This will select only those items that are the final, citable version of a text that has gone through various revisions.

I haven’t yet figured a way to select only ‘definitive’ versions of texts from a specific category. Watch this space.

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