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Inflation and class

Talk to a webinar organised by the Economic Society of Paraguay on ‘Inflation and the crisis of Capital’. English text, Spanish text (without graphics) and slideshow

NATO, the Left, and the Path to Peace

Talk to the United National Antiwar Coalition webinar on ‘Where is the War in Ukraine Going, and What should be the Response of the Peace Movement?’

Smart Manitoba: presentation on the economic strategy of the next provincial government

A presentation to the NDP on the role of the creative economy in Manitoba’s future. A briefing document, and a slideshow

Launch of ‘Beyond the Global Crisis: Noonomy, Creativity, Geopolitical Economy’ by Sergey Bodrunov, Radhika Desai and Alan Freeman

Online launch of the English edition of ‘Beyond the Global Crisis: Noonomy, Creativity, Geopolitical Economy’ by Sergey Bodrunov, Radhika Desai and Alan Freeman. Contains the book itself, and the text of my talk. Cite as Freeman, A. ‘Socialism and the 1914 moment’. Link to the video (to embed) Link to the event

Theses on the warfare state: How Marx’s value theory explains the facts, and why it is ignored

This presentation, to a seminar on Marx’s Capital organised by the liberation school, offers new data on the long-run fall in the rate of profit in Europe and the USA, confirming Marx’s explanation of this phenomenon. It then uses this analysis to explain the ‘warfare state’, a unique economic structure that lies behind the crisis of the present world order.

Answers to questions from the ‘Thinkers Forum’

I was asked four questions by the ‘Thinkers Forum’, a China-based think tank originating in Guangcha. This post contains the questions, the slideshow that accompanies my presentation and a link to the video of the presentation itself.

A course on ‘Using Economic Data’

This post consists entirely of this link to my Academia course of the same name. That’s all it is, because the resources needed for the course can be obtained at this site.

Not the Thucydides Trap

Presentation to the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) on ‘Rethinking Economic Analysis: Perspective of Political Economy’, Shanghai International Studies University, China

Degrowth or regrowth?

A short online presentation to the 7th International Forum of the Financial University of Moscow on ‘the GAUNTLET OF NEW [AB] NORMALITY’ held in Moscow on 23 – 25 November 2021. This post contains the invitation, the programme, and the slideshow.

The Ignominious Birth, Disastrous Life, Questionable Future and Desirable Death of the Lima Group

Presentation to a policy forum of the Green Party of Canada in support of a resolution for Canada to withdraw from the Lima Group and dissolve it. Includes key background documentation including Argentina’s rationale for leaving the group. I believe this motion was adopted by the Green Party but have not verified this.

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