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Inflation and class

Talk to a webinar organised by the Economic Society of Paraguay on ‘Inflation and the crisis of Capital’. English text, Spanish text (without graphics) and slideshow

Launch of ‘Beyond the Global Crisis: Noonomy, Creativity, Geopolitical Economy’ by Sergey Bodrunov, Radhika Desai and Alan Freeman

Online launch of the English edition of ‘Beyond the Global Crisis: Noonomy, Creativity, Geopolitical Economy’ by Sergey Bodrunov, Radhika Desai and Alan Freeman. Contains the book itself, and the text of my talk. Cite as Freeman, A. ‘Socialism and the 1914 moment’. Link to the video (to embed) Link to the event

Not the Thucydides Trap

Presentation to the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) on ‘Rethinking Economic Analysis: Perspective of Political Economy’, Shanghai International Studies University, China

Degrowth or regrowth?

A short online presentation to the 7th International Forum of the Financial University of Moscow on ‘the GAUNTLET OF NEW [AB] NORMALITY’ held in Moscow on 23 – 25 November 2021. This post contains the invitation, the programme, and the slideshow.

Mental Labour and the Future of Work. Presentation to the the ‘international conference on social sustainability and dignified labour’ (Conferência internacional: sustentabilidade social e trabalho digno: que desafios? | 14-15 out) Lisbon 14 October 2021

A presentation on the relation between creative labour and ecological presentation, arguing for the theme of the third volume of my proposed book which will focus on mental objects: namely, creativity forms the basis of a new mode of social growth focussed on human development as an alternative to a never-ending expansion of material extraction.

Letter to the Globe and Mail about Ukraine

A letter, which was not published by the Globe and Mail, questioning its Ukraine coverage in an article by Mark McKinnon in which condoned the shelling of the people of the Donetsk Republic by Ukraine and dismissed the 2015 Minsk Accords on the grounds that they were ‘unpopular in Ukraine’

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