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This unpublished article was written, and circulated privately, for discussion among the editors of [Canadian Dimension]. It addressed the question ‘What can the left do to advance the cause of Human Rights internationally’ in the context of the use of so-called ‘Human Rights’ as an instrument of Hybrid War by Western Powers, notably the USA, involving persistent régime-change attempts to unseat governments whose policies threatened US and Western domination, on the alleged grounds of Human Rights.

The document was produced following a dispute, which was not resolved, arising from the CD editorial board’s refusal to produce an article by John Ryan on the treatment of Navalny by the Russian government. Ryan’s article challenged a previous piece which CD did publish, supporting Navalny. As a result three newly-appointed editors (Alan Freeman, Radhika Desai and Dimitri Lascaris) left the editorial board, though Alan Freeman and Radhika Desai remained as members of CD’s board of governors.

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