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Presentation to the Cloud International academic symposium on ‘New Forms of Human Civilization from a World Perspective’, organised by the School of Marxism, Dalian University of Technology

This is the first organised presentation of my theses on Columbian myth system as the organising principle of the Collective West. It argues that there is a continuity in imperialism dating back to 1492 and that therefore, it is more accurate to think of capitalism as a stage of imperialism, than to think (as is traditional in Western thought) of Imperialism as a stage of capitalism. It also critiques the notion that Western thought constitutes a form of rationalism arguing that instead it is a mythology presenting itself as a rational system.

The concept of Columbianism is hence a replacement for the concept of Eurocentrism.This is also the earliest complete presentation of the concept of Hubris to describe the moral system of Columbianism.

The text of the presentation is not given here, since it will form a significant part of my forthcoming book of that name. The post includes the slideshow and the agenda of the workshop

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