In Memoriam Jude Woodward

We woke to learn with terrible sadness that we have lost Jude Woodward, a comrade, a friend, and an inspiration. I worked with Jude at the GLA for eight years, which made London what it is today [...]

Evaluating the Living Wage

In 2008 the GLA decided to commission an independent evaluation of the benefits of the Living Wage. This was to include benefits to the employers such as efficiency gains and to the contractor, [...]

London: a Cultural Audit

This report, published by the Greater London Authority and the London Development Agency in March 2008, benchmarks London’s cultural offer against four other world cities: Paris, New York, Tokyo [...]

GLA Creative Industries Update 2007

One of four updates to the original Greater London Authority Creative Industry Data Series. Contains additional information on precarity, gender and ethnic distribution of jobs in the creative [...]