In Doctrines, Economics, Freedom, Geopolitical Economy, Myth Industry, Pluralism, Theory of Value

How the West was Lost. Acceptance speech for the Marxian Economics Award at the 2018 conference of the World Association for Political Economy. The text brings together a number of ideas from the presentations of the previous two years, notably the concept of theoretical counterrevolutions in Economics, the notion that Economics has fossilized into an unreformable religious institution, whose central dogma is that of Market Perfection, expressed mathematically in the paradigm of Competitive General Equilibrium, which is the dominant trend in all economic schools whether heterodox or not, and above all dominates what TSSI scholars designate ‘Marxism Without Marx’, aka Western Academic Marxism.

Cite as Freeman, A. 2018. ‘How the West was Lost’. World Review of Political Economy Vol. 9, No. 4, Winter 2018, pp 551-564

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