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Since 1992, I’ve been working to instrumentalise, with modern technology, the simulation I first implemented in that year, which showed how social reproduction can proceed without assuming market-clearing, in such a way that values, prices and use-values are stock-flow consistent – which is not the case for simultaneous or equilibrium systems. I drafted this ‘call for papers’ as a kind of exercise to involve other developers in the project, at a point in time when I was still using Java as the technology. I have since moved to Django/Python and the simulation is quite advanced; however, this document is quite useful as an interim description of the intent.

At the time of posting, the new simulation can be seen (and tested) at Also at the time of posting, I haven’t incorporated a simulation dealing with price dynamics, which until now has only been achieved in the original 1992 simulation. This may be seen as remiss, but after all, there’s a war going on…

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