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Posted on Real World Economics (online peer-reviewed journal)

Komlos, J. Foundations of Real-World Economics, 2nd Edition.

John Komlos has a respectful following of heterodox economists who warm to two essential correctives which he provides to the outpourings of the mainstream. These are a firm grasp of the way to approach facts, and an informative and readable critique of the daunting educational material facing the modern economics undergraduate.

Both aspects of his approach are woven into this text, making it a highly accessible introduction, for undergraduate students at any level, to critical thinking in economics. Though it is not intended as a comprehensive introduction to economic theory, it nevertheless covers most of the terrain dealt with in, say, a standard micro and standard macro text, and would hence serve well as required reading for introductory economics courses delivered by heterodox and/or pluralist economics departments, in order to develop in students a capacity to think critically and, especially, to reason inductively.

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